For an idea of the services available, please take a look at the links below. The majority of training is bespoke to organisational requirements and where required, will also comply with DFE, OFSTED and HSE requirements.

Students and Teacher in Classroom

Training delivered by Safeguarding Solutions will be planned and prepared to your required specifications. Support with identifying training needs can be part of the process for organisations who are not quite sure what specific training their team requires. Whole organisation or specific team sessions can be facilitated on a wide range of topics from Designated Safeguarding Lead, PREVENT, Governors, CSE and Criminal Exploitation. 

Gardening Class

Mental health support for our children and the adults that support them has never been as needed as it is today. With the increasing needs of the children that schools support and the ever reducing resources and long waiting lists for additional services, it is key that all adults working with children know how to support their social, emotional and mental health needs. Equally, it is just as important that professionals and carers know how to support their own mental health and where to go for support. Whole organisation or specific team sessions can be facilitated on a wide rage of topics such as Trauma Informed Practice, Adverse Childhood Experiences and Social, Emotional, Mental Health. 


All workplaces are required to comply with the Health and Safety Executives requirements on first aid provision.  Schools, also have to comply with OFSTED and the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework.


Whether it is individual training, training for teams or sessions for parents/ carers, please get in touch. 

Management Meeting

Support around safeguarding practice, such as, audits/reviews, supervision or policy writing. Alternatively, support developing your school/ organisations approach to trauma informed practice and provision for children are just a few of the areas Safeguarding Solutions can advise and support on. 

Support Group

Supervision has never been more important for yourself and your colleagues. Supervision provides a safe, contained, confidential space in which professionals are supported to reflect more deeply about the nature and challenges of their professional work. Supervsion can be delivered on a 1:1 basis or in groups either online or in person.